Fitting Guide






Welcome to our Flawless Fit Guide, this section is all about bra fitting with some detailed information, pictures and videos to help you achieve Your Flawless Fit.  We at First Boulevard understand how important good bra fitting is and how frustrating it is when you can’t seem to find a bra that offers style, support, comfort and fits properly. 

As we are an online company we aren’t able to offer a professional in-person fitting service and this guide is not intended to be a substitute for a professional fitting.  However we realise that some ladies may not want to have a professional fitting in a shop or may just want some handy tips to achieve a better fit on their own.  We have taken great care and undertaken lots of research to compile this guide for use in the comfort of your own home.

Please bear in mind that all of the information offered is in the spirit of guidance and are not to be taken as recommendations.   All women are different, with unique curves, shapes and fit needs; that is what makes us all beautiful!  Notice how we called the guide “Your Flawless Fit” this is because bra fit is a personal thing with many contributing factors (check out some of these in the Flawless Fit Factors page) everybody, every bra and every boob for that matter is different so get ready to invest in your assets and find your best fit by reading our guide.  Some points may not apply to you and equally you may find lots of things you can relate to.  You know your body and fit preferences best so use the Fit Factors that work for you and the information provided as a kind of tool box, you may not need every tool in the box, but it is always useful to have them!  


Why is Bra Fitting Important?

Did you know that around 80% of UK women are wearing the wrong size bra?  Yes right now you are quite likely to be wearing a poorly fitting bra and not realise it!  Poor fit can lead to needless suffering as poking wires and digging in straps irritate you all day, not to mention that busts of all shapes and sizes need to be supported.  Without the proper support of a good-fitting bra your assets could droop earlier and/or more than nature intended; causing you back pain and affecting your posture.  A well-fitting bra can transform your shape, helping you to look slimmer and clothes to fit better.  A flawless fitting bra will make you feel great and can improve confidence and mood.  (Who doesn’t want to look and feel better?) So bra fitting is really important and a matter of women’s health not just comfort.

Are you ready to fine tune your bra fit to provide the ultimate support for your assets?  Go forth and jump into Your Flawless Fit Guide.  Remember if you need any more information, clarification or just have a question you can get in touch with us by email, telephone or letter, find details on the Contact Us page.