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Woop woop its Summer time and the holiday season has arrived!  We will all be wearing lighter clothes and choosing strappy styles that may be tricky to wear with a normal bra.  So what kind of bra will work with these tricky outfits?  Read below to find out, as we run through the different options available.

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As the weather gets hotter we’re thinking about……how to keep our cool.  Rising temperatures and holidays mean we’re all looking for fun summer outfits; but what should we be thinking about when choosing a summer wardrobe?  Materials, shapes and styles, here are our top tips to feeling calm and breezy this summer.

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With Valentine’s approaching we have been thinking about special evenings with our other halves.  Don’t just watch a film or go out for dinner at your usual restaurant, do something different and make memories together.  Here are some unique date night/day ideas:

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There are some great bra solutions products out there to help you look fabulous in that party outfit!  Here are some of our top picks for discrete uplift and support under your best party gear.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need more information on any of the solutions products.  You can message via Facebook, email or call us on: 01566 777031, Carly & Sharon xx

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Find out their size - Ask if you can, this will save a lot of hassle. Or If you are their partner, check some of their lingerie discreetly when they are not around. Check a few bras and knickers, as you want to make sure you get the size they wear most often. (Remember we offer FREE returns on most items!)
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Even though this romantic date comes around every year, we still find it daunting when we search for gifts to buy and making sure everything runs smoothly on that one special day.

We love the classic chocolate and flowers but instead of this why not add some spice to your night? If you are thinking of purchasing a lingerie set for someone else, make sure you get these key aspects to ensure you buy the correct one:

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Now we have finally entered into the New Year, fresh trends will start to emerge on the lingerie and swimwear scene. Changing fashions will begin to erupt with lingerie styles worn in innovative ways, compared to the more conventional methods of 2015. Certain prints and styles will become more evident on the beach scene and just like it’s pioneering associate, swimwear will too be worn in different ways this year.

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We love keeping things fresh and fabulous here at First Boulevard. More importantly, we love pairing with expert designers and scintillating brands to foster positive, creative, and exciting relationships with our partners and shoppers alike. So in the spirit of those relationships, could not be more excited to introduce three new brands that have just joined us here at First Boulevard: Fantasie, Freya, and Elomi!


The genius and creative minds behind Fantasie lingerie have co...

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Lingerie for the Whole Woman at First Boulevard

An interesting topic is emerging in lingerie media across the globe. Over the last several decades the ever-evolving world of underpinnings has shifted from functional and a bit repressed to vibrant, celebratory, and sassy with a remarkable upswing in available styles, colours, and patterns. Not to mention that the fit of the finest lingerie brands is now focused on both comfort and shape, instead of just the latter. Additionally, as we’ve discussed in previous blogs here at First Boulevard, there has been a dramatic push for inclusion of all body types in the lingerie world, doing away with the phrase “Plus Size” and an effort to normalise and celebrate women of all shapes and sizes.

Now, the next step in this natural progression of inclusion and acknowledgement has arrived. Lingerie is being developed and showcased in a way that not only recognises the bodily functions of women, but also applauds and supports them. That’s a pretty revolutionary act in today’s culture!

Crohn’s disease Lingerie Calendar

For instance, a lingerie calendar featuring models who live with Crohn’s disease use ileostomy bags. Instead of hiding these rarely talked about medical accessories, the calendar photos embrace the reality of these women’s bodies while showing off just how sexy these women are, taking a bold step in fighting social stigmas around disease and sexuality.

Another example of this shift within the industry is the emergence of THINX, a brand of knickers created specifically to help women feel comfortable and sexy during their menstrual cycle. These “period-proof panties” come in a variety of styles including hiphuggers, cheekies, and thongs. No more bulky nappies for grown women. Just sleek, streamlined, and sexy knickers for all, regardless of the time of the month.

THINX - First Boulevard


Perhaps a less extreme, but equally important movement is one that can be found right here at First Boulevard, which is the act of offering high-quality, affordable, and sexy lingerie choices for all body types and senses of style. From briefs, shorts, thongs, T-shirt bras, plunge bras, balconettes and more our goal is to provide comfortable and flattering choices for all women. Whether you prefer understated and demure, or feisty and sultry. Whether you are petite and slender or voluptuous and curvy. Whether you wear jeans and a T-shirt or dress to the nines. You are welcome and wanted here and we are always happy to have you drop by.

So what do you think? Should some things be left unsaid and behind closed doors? Or is there room for every body, every story, and every woman in the spotlight? Is it a matter of modesty or a matter of speaking out for change and acceptance? We’d love to know what your feelings are on this ever-changing industry and the radical movements that come along with it.

South Beach at First Boulevard

Here at First Boulevard we are always looking for high quality, unique brands offered at a great value. That’s why we are so excited to introduce the newest edition to our shop: South Beach Swimwear! 

This brand combines all of our greatest loves – expertise, affordability, vibrancy, playfulness, cutting-edge fashion, innovation, and an impeccable yet daring style. A relatively new brand, South Beach launched in the Spring/Summer season of 2013 but brought something unexpected in its debut. Not only did the brand offer something unusually fierce, fun, and devilishly satisfying but it did so with the expertise of a highly established line. Perhaps the reason that this first collection was able to be so fresh-faced, yet undeniably savvy was the founding company’s decades of experience in textiles that preceded the launch. Regardless of the reason, one thing is clear: South Beach knows their way around swimwear and these vanguard designs are here to stay.


South Beach at First Boulevard


South Beach combines effortless fun, free-spirited mischief, front line fashion, memorable patterns, and fine craftsmanship. What’s not to love? We’ve selected a few of our favourite South Beach items to offer in our shop. We hope you adore them as much as we do! 

The Bianca Black Balconette Structured Bikini Top and matching brief are a to-die-for swim set. The design is at once reminiscent of the artistic era of neoplasticism along with the dominating and alluring designs of Chromat, while somehow simultaneously exuding a youth-infused playfulness. No easy task, to be sure, but the result is perfection.  

The Andrea Art Haus Print Bustier Swimsuit proves that one-piece swimwear can be interesting, fashion-forward, and sexy. This vibrant and distinctive pattern features bold colors in the South Beach Art Haus print, along with contrasting lime trim and a scintillating bustier cut. Sure to turn heads on any beach.


South Beach at First Boulevard  South Beach at First Boulevard  


Once you have chosen a suit that suits you, be sure to grab the accessories you need to complete the look. We are now offering the tastefully nautical Kathy Navy Stripe Canvas Backpack as well as the fresh and feminine Kamile Pink Stripe Canvas Beach Bag. Even your beach towel can become a statement piece such as the Veronica Pastel Tie Dye Logo Beach Towel or the bold and sassy Verity Pink Beach Towel.  

So without further ado, we’d like to officially invite you to explore the world of South Beach swimwear. Be daring, be bold, be free, be sexy, and be you. This brand exemplifies so many fierce female qualities and we are proud to offer them here for your enjoyment.